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Ringwood Psychology utilises a Trauma-Informed approach to therapy.

This essentially means ensuring we provide an environment which helps a person to feel safe, respected, encouraged and supported toward overcoming feelings of betrayal and fear and to strengthen their ability to feel safe in trusting others.

Trauma is strongly linked to our physical body and our physiological systems. Over time and repeated exposure to trauma, patterns of behaviour intended for self-protection are created. Behaviours that may have been necessary at a younger stage of life, may not serve a person so well later in life.

Unfortunately, such behaviours become automatic and sometimes we are not even aware of doing them or how they might impact and limit our capacity to live full and free lives today.

The therapists at Ringwood Psychology have a particular passion in this area and understand that working with trauma requires a strong, and often long-term therapeutic relationship. We approach our work with trauma with the utmost compassion, kindness and patience.

We feel honoured in being trusted to provide the space for our clients to take back their sense of inner calm and worth.

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