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Sex Therapy focuses on aspects of sex, sexuality and intimacy concerns for couples and relationships, as well as for individuals.

Sex therapists can assist clients to identify, communicate and feel relaxed and positive about their sexual identity and intimate needs and concerns.

A sex therapist, particularly those associated with a national organisation such as the Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS), is trained in identifying and treating various aspects of sexual and sexuality concerns. These include arousal issues, orgasm and erection difficulties; desire discrepancies; performance anxiety; painful sex; lack of intimacy; and recovery from infidelity and affairs.

Ringwood Psychology sex therapists have a special interest in working with clients with a history of sexual abuse and trauma, which can significantly impact trust and vulnerability, and contribute to relationship challenges. We also have a strong background in treating addictions of a sexual nature (eg compulsive pornography use, erotic massage venues etc). We also enjoy working with women to help alleviate pain experienced during sex or preventing sex altogether.

All of our therapists are trauma-informed clinicians and remain mindful of the sensitive topics being discussed in this area of therapy.

Sex therapists can provide education and specific skills and will often provide ‘homework’ tasks to help clients achieve their desired goals – it is often reported to be the best homework you’ll ever receive.

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