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All relationships will experience difficult times.

This is often due to communication difficulties or misaligned values, wants, goals and unmet needs. Many relationship challenges can be better understood and negotiated to bring about increased harmony and contentment in interactions with loved ones.

Ringwood Psychology emphasises that relationship counselling is not only for couples in intimate partnerships. Relationship counselling can be beneficial to resolving conflicts and unhelpful (and often hurtful) behaviour patterns between family members, best mates, or work colleagues.

Feeling disconnected from loved and important people in your life can feel very lonely, sad, scary, disappointing, or frustrating. It can often be difficult pulling part what role or contribution each person plays – this is where a trained third-party view may be of assistance.

A relationship counsellor can help couples, families, and friends, feel connected again. They can assist with effectively resolving issues by improving communication skills and managing any hurt, resentment and betrayal caused by conflict, and to help rebuild trust and respect. Many relationship difficulties can be resolved with the right intervention.

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