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Vikki Prior, Clinic Director and Principal Psychologist at Ringwood Psychology Pty Ltd, is available to present at your workplaces, schools, community and sporting groups. Vikki passionately believes that there is a need for a much better understanding of Neurodiversity in general and ADHD in particular. (Vikki is a full member of the Australasian ADHD Professionals Association.)

Vikki speaks with humour, passion and a deep knowledge of ADHD and how it presents and impacts individuals and family members. She is especially dedicated to providing knowledge to educators as she believes strongly in early intervention for ADHD and that teachers play an integral role in determining the trajectory of ADHD symptoms in the individual’s future adult life.

Phone Ringwood Psychology Pty Ltd (03) 9870-4171 to discuss presentation options.

As a psychologist with two decades of experience, Vikki can adapt presentations to the specific needs of community groups. However, her passion is for educating on the prevalence and continued misconceptions surrounding Neurodiversity and most specifically, ADHD.

Her personal and professional experience with ADHD provides the perfect platform for her to present in an often emotional but humorous manner, backed with the latest science-informed knowledge.

Vikki is a full member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association (AADPA).

Vikki has lectured for the Medical Register of Australia, presenting to groups in their hundreds on subjects including Conflict Resolution, Working through Grief, and Eating Disorders. She has also presented at various national mental and sexual health conferences on topics such as the link between pornography use and the rise in sexual dysfunction, as well as on the influence of untreated anxiety on addiction behaviours.

Vikki also presents to student groups commencing their careers in the mental and sexual health fields.

It is a passion of Vikki’s to present and share psychological knowledge with communities in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand format. Her presentations are tailored to individual groups, but all are guided by the belief that the smallest piece of information can often make the greatest change to people’s lives.

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