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The best friend of Ringwood Psychology is ‘Nibbles’ – a 7 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She is small and soft and fluffy and oh-so-beautiful with the cutest puppy dog eyes you ever did see.

Nibbles was essentially bred for work in a therapy environment with both her father and grandfather being therapy dogs.

Whilst the females in her family were busy with the making of more therapy dogs, we decided to break the chain with Nibbles and give her the life she was made for – to love people, to want nothing more than to be around them, and to bring them joy and comfort when they need it most.

Nibbles approach to therapy is straightforward:

Touch me, cuddle me, pat me and you will feel immediately better (and so will I).

Or if you would prefer, I will just sit beside you or at your feet.

But the reality is, I would like nothing more than for you to give me the ok and I will sprawl over you and allow you to stroke my silky soft smooth hair.

My favourite activities are going for walks, squeaking toys, chewing toilet rolls and sticks, and doing yoga.

Therapy dogs work with their owners and the training of the owner can be more intense than it is for the dog. Therapists are trained to read the messages that their dogs intuitively pick up on and convey back to us.

Interpreted correctly, dogs can tell us when a client is feeling overwhelmed, angry, when they need comfort, when there is unspoken tension between people, and when a person just needs a big animal smooch to help them giggle and feel loved and lighter.

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